Potato Pancakes
Baby Potato Pancakes

Potato Pancakes

Potato pancakes are associated with the foods of many Eastern and Western European countries. It is the national dish of Belarus. They are a shallow pancake made with potato, onion, egg, flour and seasonings. Potato pancakes are normally fried in oil, and then served with applesauce, sour cream or a variety of other toppings.


We often hear, “Tastes just like grandma used to make” when describing our potato pancakes–rightly so.  The primary ingredients Old World Foods uses are of the freshest and highest quality.  In keeping with the integrity of the old family recipe specific types of potatoes, onions, flour, pasteurized eggs and special additional spices were researched, inspected and chosen to assure the highest quality and freshest taste. The potato and onions are cut daily; there are no preservatives or dehydrated additives used in the manufacturing process. The potato pancakes are pre-cooked and Individually Quick Frozen to guarantee freshness and preserve flavor.


Old World Foods potato pancakes are currently available in two sizes.  The large potato pancake is approximately four inches and the mini size potato pancake is approximately one fourth the size of the large. The two sizes enable the chefs to serve potato pancakes as main dishes, side dishes or appetizers.  The manufacturing process at Old World Foods allows us to customize sizes to accommodate the needs of the customers.

Cost Effective

The potato pancake should be prepared from frozen which enables the chef to choose just the right quantities needed to accommodate orders, thus maintaining inventory control.  Old World Foods potato pancakes can be cooked and then refrigerated without loss of color, texture or flavor.  Quality control in the manufacturing process means each potato pancake will be the expected size and there is not any loss from shipping.  In addition the simplicity in preparation assures the quality is maintained serving after serving.

Cooking Options

Since the Old World Foods potato pancakes are precooked it is only necessary to heat thoroughly.

Options to heat thoroughly include:

  • Deep Frying – For best results. Large: 90 seconds in 350o oil (slightly less time for the mini), creating a golden brown outside and soft moist inside. This process seals in the old world flavor.
  • Pan frying - Heat small amount of oil to 350o and heat each side of potato pancake until golden brown.
  • Baking – Preheat oven to 450o place potato pancake on cookie sheet in oven for ten minutes, flip once.

Microwave oven is only recommended for reheating after one of the above methods.  Do not over cook.

Serving Suggestions

The possibilities are endless for this delicious versatile food.  The imagination of the chef leads to their success.  Old World Foods has seen their potato pancakes prepared in a variety of ways, including:

  • Main DishTraditionally topped with apple sauce, sour cream, jams, jellies, or syrup.  Alternatively topped with salsa, other sauces, cheese, powdered sugar.
  • Creative Alternatives - Pizza crust, bread substitute, wraps, Reuben sandwich, taco shell.
  • Breakfast, Dessert – Eggs Benedict, hash brown substitute, topped with sausage gravy or fresh fruit or fruit fillings.
  • AppetizerMini size potato pancake makes a great appetizer when used with dipping sauces or topped with sliced vegetables, spreads, cream cheese, or just served plain.

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